Stroke Victim at 49

22 April 2012

The Great Depression of the 2010's musings part 12-The Horrors of Youth

When I was a very small girl of 4 I fell in love with a song that came out 2 years before. When I heard this song I would sing along and it made me so happy. I made the mistake of singing this song one day at my JW babysitters apartment. As soon as they heard a 4 year old singing "I'm on top of the world looking down on creation.." the slap to the face came. I was told that I was placing myself above god and would have to be punished for my sin. I was beaten with the special wooden paddle with my name on it. It was a paddle just for me because I was so horribly sinful and was beaten more then the other JW children. Below is the evil song that is full of sin...

How can people be so cruel to innocent children? Why do they feel the need to destroy innocence and replace it with fear and self loathing? I never sang that song again. The thought of it is pain, fear, and loneliness.