Stroke Victim at 49

30 October 2008

Cheating is no big deal???

I've finally finished administering the Illinois State Constitution Exam this week. (A requirement to graduate 8th grade and move on to high school. Federal was administered in 7th grade) For all 4 sections I caught 8 cheaters. What really bothers me is how little the humility and shame was. I had one student ask right after I took away his cheat sheet, so when can I re-test? Anther girl was caught with several numbers written in her hand. When I asked her what they were she said she didn't know. So I proceeded to tell her all of the questions that the answers reflected. She actually wanted to argue with me and tell me she was taking notes during study group right before my class (even though she has Language Arts and the teacher would never allow a cram session during her class) and forgot the numbers were there. She thought the louder she got with me the less likely I would be to call her mother. Well, all of the cheaters got in school suspension and a zero for the test (worth 30% of their quarter grade). They will be able to retest next quarter.

At least the weather is beautiful. We have had 50 degree days and 30 degree nights. I am in heaven. I love fall and winter!