Stroke Victim at 49

14 September 2008

Welcome to Albany Park

I've also included the expressway that runs along the technology company my husband works for. This underpass is the exit you would take to get to his company.

Thought I'd share some photos from my neighborhood. I usually love living by the north branch of the Chicago River. This weekend is not one of those times. I am very lucky our building is on higher ground but the flooding has been so bad they have evacuated several blocks in my neighborhood. We exceeded rain fall, making records. We haven't seen this much rain since 1987, 21 years ago! We have a big leak in the ceiling of my son's room and the rain won't stop till tomorrow.

This is Foster Avenue! It was closed down yesterday! Foster is one of the busiest streets on the northside.

Keep your fingers crossed we won't have to evacuate!

I know I've always said I love the rain, but this is going a little overboard.

06 September 2008

Counting the days

Things are much better than they were a week ago. My Grandmother is adjusting to her new facility. She seems smaller and more lost without my Grandfather but the facility is much better than the last place.

We have our reviews in two weeks. Our Principal wants to see us in action during Reading. I really wish it were during Social Science, my subject, but she wants to see Reading. After the review, we have our wonderful Fall break. Two whole weeks of recuperation.

Open House is next week and the Constitution Test is still a month worth of work away. I really need these kids to be ready soon. Or that parent will be breathing down my neck again. I may just test his son early. If I do, I have already stated to parents I am not doing re-tests for students who pass. Only for the students who have failed.

Nothing worse than a cold just as the weather gets cooler. I rarely get sick and this weekend I have been in bed with sinus congestion and a head flu. Hopefully the NyQuil will work it's magic by Monday.