Stroke Victim at 49

27 February 2008

It's been a long time since I've had a minute to post. Thought you would like to see the new members of the clan.

Benni & Joon.

Benni is our puppy and Joon is our wonderful fluffy kitty.

It has really been great coming home to creatures that are always glad to see you.

Wish the classroom were more like that. I do have some great days but then, some days really suck too.

The huge plus about my current teaching position is, I will be in the documentary they have been filming this year about the arts in my school. Both of my school wide projects will be in it, with of course me too. The first project was coordinating a debate with 4-8 grades debating Civil Liberties for Social Studies/Language Arts night. It was the focus for the entire night. Currently we are working on a project I developed on the Colonies. Students will grow their own crops and create a virtual colony. I am pretty stoked. I've also attached a pic of the new school.

The Other Boleyn Girl-sigh

It really saddens the heart when facts don't seem to be as exciting as a "good movie". Though I have not read or watched the film I have a pretty good idea where the story is going. The issue I have with the retelling of actual events is that Anne was not in England for most of her upbringing. She was in the French Court, in France. She went back to England to marry Lord Percy.

Anne did not chase Henry VIII. Henry VIII chased her. That is, after denying her the right to marry Lord Percy. The first time he laid eyes on here was when Lord Percy and Anne were before him for his conscent to marry. Henry had already left Mary in the dust at this point, while she was pregnant. Henry was so crazy about Anne he wrote her poetry and a song we still know the melody of today. The original title is "Greensleves" (Henry wrote the lyrics and music). Today we know it as a Christmas Carol called "What Child Is This".

I will probably see it when it comes on cable and feel sad. I dedicated my academic focus on the Tudor Monarcy. Though my focus was between the years 1554-1558, I still am pretty familiar with the entire reign 1495-1603, up until Elizabeth I death and the passing of the throne to James I of Scotland.

It was the same thing when "Braveheart" came out. Sure, I saw it and liked a several scenes but it was not historically accurate. Just as I fear "The Other Boleyn Girl will be.