Stroke Victim at 49

28 October 2007

I stand corrected

The Art Teacher only teaches 2 art classes and 1 music class. The other day she asked if we could hire a part time music teacher so she would only have to teach 2 classes!

Usually when a teacher is out my school we have to give up our preps since there are no subs. Our math teacher was out on Friday. I refused to give up my only prep and told the lead teacher to give the classes to the 2 teachers who only have 3 classes and another who only has 4 classes to teach. Well, guess what? The other teachers gave up their preps to cover the classes because the assistant principal said she covered 2 classes. The poor thing couldn't cover the rest? We bust our asses and she gets to walk through the school without a care in the world. I am so pissed off.

18 October 2007

My Week In The Classroom


1st period two of my advanced U.s History students looked at me after I had just explained the difference between democracies, monarchies, and dictatorships, when they looked up at me and said, "Why are you teaching here? You are so smart." I replied, "Do you want people who don't know their subjects here teaching you?" They replied, "Yeah teachers know their subjects but you are too smart to be teaching here." How do you respond to that?


One of my students told me, "You got me suspended for three days." I replied, "I got you suspended? Are you sure it was not for something you did yourself?" He replied. "You told me you were going to throw away the gang symbols I drew all over my paper but you turned them in. You tricked on me." My response was, "First off, I do trick. It's my job. Secondly, I warned you the first time about the gang drawing. Especially when you are using MY supplies. I told you as long as you threw it out and didn't use my supplies or paper I was fine. Instead you drew another one. THAT is the one I turned in."


We have a new Art Teacher in the building. She just started Monday. To me, I feel she is stand-offish. She looks down her nose at people. Not just the students but to faculty as well. During 9th period I caught a student in the hallway (our Principal told us the day before under NO circumstances should he be allowed out of class). When I confronted him he first pulled on the Math Teachers door then began to open the Art Teachers door. Since it was her first week I did not want her to be hit with the wandering trouble makers.I stood in her doorway, blocking the student from entering her room and called to her. She was standing in the middle of the classroom. She was not lecturing, talking to a student or supervising work. I called her name 6 times before she looked up and said "Yes". In the time I was calling her, the students sitting around her kept looking at her with a bewildered expression, such as, why are you not answering your fellow teacher. My hide was chapped at that point with her.


As the Art Teacher was hired during mid-semester there were only 2 art and 2 music classes that were for the teacher to complete teaching. Meanwhile ALL of the Teachers (minus the one who teaches 2 career classes, 2 consumer ed classes, and has field work to secure jobs for our students) teach 8 classes a day including lunchroom duty and homeroom. This teacher teaches 2 classes in the morning and 2 in the afternoon, has NO homeroom, and has 6 periods free!!!!!!!!! The rest of us have ONE!!!!!! free period. This woman had the nerve to ask the Lead teacher today if we could hire a part-time Music teacher to take her Music classes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This would leave her with only 2 classes to teach and only in her subject area. ALL of the teachers have more than one subject matter to teach. On top of that she makes as much as I was initially offered for this year!!!!! It is 2K more than what we were offered at the beginning of last school year!!!!!!!!!!