Stroke Victim at 49

30 June 2007

Supreme Court, jobs, and money

I am in such a confused state. I had a Management Recruiting firm contact me about a position in the suburbs doing my old line of work for a substancial amount of money more than I am making. Our finances have suffered as I have taken such a low paying teaching job at a charter school. If I worked for the public schools I would be making about what the outside company is offering me. My problem is, I love teaching. What do I do?

We really need the money. Maybe now that the supreme court had their ruling about desegregation in the the schools the rule will appy to teachers as well. I am sorry this ruling came so late. Maybe my son would have been concidered in his choices of schools without race as a factor. At least based on an article I read, race will be taken out when factoring in for admission into magnet schools. I found it so odd that my son, who tests at a post high school level in all areas (except Math, he was at a Sophomore level, scoring in the 99th percentile range was rejected, not to mention for the random lottery. But will this apply to teachers as well?

One of the high schools by my house told me I was the wrong color to apply there. Will this decision allow me to have a chance for a teaching position in my area without a quota system in the city of Chicago? I still don't know what I should do now. We really need the money and yet I have worked so had to become a teacher. I love being in the classroom. Why does it have to be this hard?

19 June 2007

School is almost out!

School is almost out, finally. Of course we still have to teach summer school in 2 weeks, but I'll take the 2 weeks off. Graduation was really nice. I'd never been part of a faculty with graduating students before. It was so bitter sweet. The hopes and dreams you see of your young men and women who walk proudly down the aisle to receive their diplomas made me weep. Even the students who you don't always get along with you weep for their accomplishment and happiness.

Today was a little scary. The husband woke up with numbness in the left arm.I took the day off to get him to the Dr.'s. Everything is good.And we got a day off on one of the most beautiful summer days this season.