Stroke Victim at 49

20 April 2007

Sucks to be me....

Why is it that it is impossible to have 2 minutes of instruction so students can begin the class? I swear, I spent almost 20 mintues waiting for them to be quiet 2nd period. I told them I give up and everyone gets a zero. They were so loud 2 security gards, the lunch lady, mantinence person and assistant principal came in.I was so pissed. I told them they keep telling me they are grown (18-21) yet don't act like it. They act worse than 6 year olds! I hate getting angry at work. I hate feeling like these people that I am here to help could give less than a rats ass. They are so disrespectful and rude. I could be working in corporate America making double what I am now but choose to want to make a difference in lives.

As of December I have one student who was murdered, one who is going to be serving hard time 3-5 for posession while on house arrest, and one who is at large for murdering someone. It makes me so sad. Am I even making a dent in anyones life?Had to call other Goddess for a laugh. The tears were ready to flow. Luckily she had a joke so corny it distracted me. Thank Dog for BF's!

19 April 2007

A Kiss Goodbye?

I teach at a school in a low-income area. many of these students' only meals are the ones that the school provides. As it is a small school and atendance is pretty poor, they do not serve hot lunch. These students eat cold sandwiches every day. I started a ritual during the winter of, everytime I went to Aldi's, I would buy a case of Rahman noodles. They avereged out to less than 10 cents for a hot meal. I would keep those in the classroom for students if they wanted a hot meal once an awhile.

The demand for noodles has been low and I haven't been to Aldi's since before Christmas. One of the students who would get noodles from me usually hadn't been in my class in almost 2 months. Yesterday he saw me in the hallway and asked for some noodles. I told him I was mad at him because I haven't seen him in months and missed him in class. While I was looking, with my arms folded, into my fellow teachers classroom with a pretend frowny face on, the student gave me a quick hug and a kiss on the cheek and said he still moved me anyways, and scampered off. I went into my fellow teachers room and we laughed about what an odd thing to see. I am a physically distant person. People, especially students, pick up on that.

Today, I met with my fellow teachers for our morning ritual of talking about yesterdays events. I shared the story and went about the day. 4th period is lunch for most of the school. That and there being a field trip which took 30 students left me with no students for 4th or 5th. One of my other fellow teachers came to me during 4th period (a much needed time to catch up on grading) and told me that the homicide police were at the school during 4th period lunch looking for the student who kissed me on my cheek the day before. It seems that a few hours before that kiss on the cheek he killed a man. During the conversation with the other teacher she too had an odd experience with him coming up behind her at her desk, giving her a quick hug and kiss on the top of her head, and told her that he loved her.

Was that because he knew he would be caut? Or that he was leaving the city and it was his way of saying goodbye? The only other time I remember an affectionate act as striking me as odd was the last time I saw my uncle Chris. When he was leaving my house after visiting for the day he hugged me and told me what a great mother I was and how proud of me he was and how much he loved me. The hug lasted longer than our standard hug and it stayed with me for days after until 2 weeks later when I got the call that he hanged himself.

I don't know now, like I didn't know then, how to feel. This was a student that was very smart, stayed up on current events, could debate political views, and was a talented writer. It is such a waste. A waste of life for the man he killed and that of the life he will spend in prison when he is caught.